We can use your help.

Together we can help more children.

DDC needs volunteers to form the teams which take care of the dental care in schools. The teams consist dentist, sometimes a dental surgeon, dental hygienists, (prevention)assistans and helpers (these are non-dental trained workers for administration, sterilization and further assistance). We work in total seven days (plus one rest day). Whilst the temperatures can be high and the power wupply may fail occasionally, by strong team work, we get a lot done.

Travel costs have to covered by the volunteers.

Are you over 21 years old, do you have more than one year work experience and do you believe it is great to contribute to this cause and working in a different culture in more primitive circumstances? Then maybe this volunteerwork is something for you! With your support, other people will get a better dental condition which will improve the quality of life. If you are interested in working in a dental team, please apply using the form on the right. We understand you may have further questions. After your application, we will  therefore get in touch with you over the phone. 

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