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Dental problems in developing countries are often underestimated. It can be established that poor oral health has a negative influence on the general condition. Due to a lack of dental care, this care is hardly available to residents outside the cities. Although medical projects are set up by charities, they do not always offer the opportunity to benefit from them. DDC sends teams twice a year to the southern part of Kenya to provide dental care in schools. In addition, DDC has two clinics where COHOs (Community Oral Health Officer) work. Anyone can be treated there for a small fee.
Treatments for pain complaints are a relief. Children who are in pain, do not sleep or eat, then no longer go to school and therefore do not learn. The population is very happy with all the help and care. Experience of recent years has shown that the preventive program with regard to oral hygiene is very successful for children. DDC therefore focuses mainly on young people. An attempt is made to optimize prevention by providing information and instruction, adapted to local circumstances.

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